Transforming stress, anxiety, insomnia & overwhelm to rested, relaxed & calm.

Are you very stressed out? I can provide you with natural anxiety support, insomnia remedies, help you to get relief from stress, fatigue, burnout, brain fog, IBS, pain, skin conditions, weight gain & difficulty losing weight plus much more! 

Life changing therapies including herbal, nutritional & energetic medicines, hypnotherapy, NLP & coaching.

Minyama Sunshine Coast & Online Naturopath


Tegan Jenna Health is located at 33 Jessica Boulevard, Minyama Sunshine Coast Queensland. Alternatively, you can book an Online Appointment and we will meet by video conference. Please check the booking calendar for availability (please note time difference when making an Online Consultation booking as I am GMT+10 Queensland, Australia)

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Is Stress Ruining Your Life?

Are things snowballing and you just cannot figure out how to feel better no matter how many things you try? 

Are you suffering with all kinds of other stress related symptoms and side effects such as insomnia, fatigue, tummy issues, weight gain or loss, anxiety?

How long have you been struggling for? Weeks? Months? Years? It's time to wave the white flag and ask for help.


You need a structured plan & processes that guide you on exactly what to do to get out of being stuck in the stress response - and I can show you how.

The Mind Refresh Method ©

An 8-day online course to reduce feelings of overwhelm, gain control your anxious mind, feel relaxed calm & confident, improve your sleep & increase your energy levels so you can up level your entire life… learn more and join the waitlist.

Sleep Activation

In this free 11-minute sleep activation, i've included a proven strategy for sleep onset insomnia. This is for the ones who climb into bed at night and start thinking about all of the things that you didn't get done today, the things you need to do tomorrow and on the weekend, how you left the washing in the machine, how you forgot to reply that message from your friend, how you need to get to sleep otherwise you're going to be tired AF in the morning but you still can't get to sleep, then you start analysing every single conversation that you had yesterday and the hamster just continues to run on the wheel around and around and around and around and around and around... Then your alarm goes off what feels like 45 minutes later and you drag yourself out of bed to the coffee.

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Really happy with my first consult with Tegan, especially her ability to truly listen and come up with a treatment plan that provided relief for some of my symptoms almost straight away (was a relief not to have to try endless medications until we found that perfect solution)!

Also really impressed she went the extra mile with lots of other things, like suggesting local places where I can access healthy delicious food, as I’m new to the area. A very personalised experience and well worth the investment!

— Sheri


Tegan is so attentive empathetic and efficient. Ive only been seeing her for a short time and have had a full turn around on my concerns. I highly recommend her!

— Dimity

What People Say


Tegan is fantastic at what she does. Very passionate about her work and takes the time to help you out and get down to the bottom of things. She has been a massive help for me and I couldn’t recommend her anymore!

— Kadie

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I engaged Tegan at the start of 2020 when I was struggling with cancer treatment side effects and she soon became my favourite person on my healing team! Apart from being a joy to consult with, she has a deep understanding of the needs of cancer patients from a holistic perspective - Addressing not only the physical healing of the body but also mindset and lifestyle. She offers naturopathic practice that is based on science, is up to date on new technologies and respects the individual goals and choices of the patient. If you feel like there have been 'gaps' in your traditional treatment care, I highly recommend you book in with Tegan to see what is possible.

— Iris

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What People Say