I am passionate about patient education and teaching people how modern life drives chronic illness and disease, how some simple measures can prevent most conditions, and how naturopathic medicine can be an extremely useful adjunct to a holistic treatment plan for many chronic diseases.​ 

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Tegan Marshall is a passionate, qualified and accredited Naturopath who is well prepared to discover the root cause of your health concerns and help you to improve your wellbeing. Tegan made the decision to study Naturopathy after working as a Personal Trainer and becoming frustrated by the variable results even with her most committed clients. This was when she realised that most people need so much more than an exercise prescription to improve their health, because there were so many unique things that had happened to each individual during their lives, and these were the things that were affecting their current state of health.  


She began to feel constrained by the limitations of her knowledge and had a burning desire to be able to truly help people improve their health, especially the ones with very chronic conditions. During her Advanced Diploma she became increasingly interested in integrative oncology after her Mum had survived Stage IV Metastatic Colorectal Cancer using a blend of surgery and complementary and alternative medicine a couple of years prior. Tegan has completed additional studies in this area including a 12-month Integrative Oncology in Practice course. She has also completed a Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy).


She loves to impart and share her knowledge with her willing friends, family and patients. She has an innate ability to unearth the root cause of her patients health concerns and get them feeling better than they have in years. She is able to help with many different health conditions, and has a special interest in hypothyroid, hashimoto's and cancer.

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