Image by Ben Ostrower

Pathology & Testing

As a fully accredited Naturopath I am able to refer for pathology testing from many different labs, with many different conventional and functional tests available, as well as genetic testing.

I love to use pathology testing as it offers me a clear indication of your current state of health and how your body is functioning. I look at your results differently than your doctor, who will tell you that everything is 'normal' so long as it is within the 'reference range'. Just because a test result is within the reference range, this doesn't necessarily mean that there is no underlaying problem and that may be why you are not feeling well. Please note that I am happy to look at results you may already have so long as they are no older than 6 months at the longest. I will work alongside your GP where they are willing, to investigate health concerns that remain unsolved and may sometimes send a referral letter along with you for your appointment. 

Hair tissue mineral analysis is available to detect heavy metal/nutritional elements and genetic testing is available upon request from a number of reputable labs. There are many many functional medicine tests available and these will be discussed with you depending on your unique individual treatment requirements.