What Anxiety Feels Like

Signs and symptoms of anxiety are well documented in psychology, but in my experience it's not that black and white.

sunrise by tegan jenna health

Personally I didn't realise or accept until recent years that I had been experiencing anxiety for the most part of my life. For me, it looked like secluding myself, always being worried about what others thought of me, feeling lonely all the time even in groups of people, always being 'busy and needing to keep myself maxxed out, not being able to sit still even when theres nothing to do needing to create something rather than just be present in the moment, internal meltdowns and feeling like exploding on the inside but putting on a happy face for the outside world, feeling like I had to prove myself, struggling with being 'social', feeling like I was always being judged and feeling unwanted, afraid of being abandoned, feeling like I didn't fit in anywhere, judging myself and constantly telling myself that I wasn't enough and needed to be more and do more, frequent nightmares and much more.

These are also the things that many of my patients, especially women, explain suffering from. And it all links back to unresolved trauma/s and chronic unrelenting stress. I also believe that the feminism movement has been both good and really bad for women because it has placed all of these expectations on us that we can 'do it all' and 'have it all' and we are 'strong, independent women' and 'fuck men we don't need them'. Our brains become wired in stress, worry, panic and overwhelm and we get stuck in this state of constant anxiety with having our ego run our lives because we think we have to be perfectly superwoman, and polarity between the feminine and the masculine has gone.

Let me tell you this beautiful; that when I really started to work on my inner world and began to truly believe that none of those things I above explained feeling, actually matter - like seriously, they don't - that is when my anxiety began to dissolve. But i'm not going to lie or sugar coat it. This work is a constant and ongoing process and it does require you to be fully committed to working on yourself and calling yourself out on your own BS belief systems and patterns.

From meditation and hypnosis and neurolinguistic programming, coaching, putting yourself first, figuring out what it is you really want in life, freeing yourself up and making time for self care and to do the things you love, releasing all of the things that you do not need in your life and the things that are stressing you out, changing the way you observe, think and respond, watching sunrises and sunsets, eating the most nutritious foods, taking personalised herbal medicines and nutritional supplements and so much more.. its a journey, and anyone who commits is capable. I can help you with all of this if you are ready.

Life isn't supposed to be lived in fear and negativity but we are indoctrinated into this way of being from the time we are little kids. This is due to intergenerational traumas that continue to be passed down and it needs to stop. It can stop with you, if you so choose. You can be the change. You can choose to heal yourself and be the light. Take the leap and book now.